For authors 


Publication process

   The publication process in the journal Tematy i Konteksty consists of the following stages:

  1. The author sends the manuscript to the e-mail address of the editorial team:
  2. The editorial team (the managing editor) undertakes the preliminary qualification of the manuscript for publication. Possible controversies or doubts are settled by the selected member of the Scientific Board specializing in a given area of literature or cultural studies.
  3. The manuscript is submitted for scientific review performed by two independent external reviewers.
  4. The managing editor sends the two reviews to the author and notifies him/her about the acceptance or rejection of the text and about the possible need to introduce corrections suggested by the reviewers. The managing editor specifies the deadline for submission of the corrected text.
  5. The author submits the corrected text.
  6. The language editor adjusts the text. The editorial team reserves the right to introduce the following into the text (after a consultation with the author): stylistic and punctuation corrections, etc.; abbreviations; requesting the author to introduce or re-formulate the footnotes.
  7. The editorial board decides on closing the issue and submits the materials to the Publishing Office of the University of Rzeszów.
  8. The Publishing Office of the University of Rzeszów publishes the issue.
  9. The editorial team places the electronic edition of the issue on the journal’s website and in the file repository of the University of Rzeszów.
  10. Members of the Scientific Board submit their opinions on the published issue.
  11. The editorial board discusses the substantive and the technical aspects of the published issue.