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ul. Rejtana 16B, 35-950 Rzeszów
e-mail: biblio@ur.edu.pl
tel. +48 17 872 12 61
tel./fax +48 17 852 67 91


Link for official page: Library

The university library-information computer network consists of the University of Rzeszów Library, faculty libraries and institute libraries. BUR employs 98 employees: 35 curators, 9 senior librarians, 25 librarians, 21 junior librarians, 4 store-keepers, 1 compilation tender, 1 network administrator and 2 self-reliant technical clerks.

University of Rzeszów Library is the biggest humanistic library in the Podkarpacie voivodship. The book collection comprises almost 700.000, over 100.000 volumes of continuous publishing and 34.000 special compilations. You can borrow books on the spot, by library service and in 11 specialist reading rooms: Humanistic, Mathematical and Natural Science, Journal, Science Information Unit, Special Collection Room, Room of Polish Studies called "Pigonianum", Current Magazines, Law Faculty, Economics, Music and Archaeology. You have free access to the books. There are 482 seats in the reading rooms.

The books are concerned with different fields of knowledge. They mainly concern the fields of knowledge which are present at the university, e.g. social studies (Pedagogy, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science), philological studies (Polish, Russian, German, English studies), mathematical and natural science (Mathematics, Technology, Information Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Protection), agriculture, law and administration, economics, medicine (nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy), Physical Education and fine arts (Music, Art).

You can use 24 computers with Internet access. Most of them are equipped with word processors. Readers who like working in seclusion and concentration can use individual booths, which are also equipped with computers.

The library uses an integrated library system called 'PROLIB', which enables searching the collection and booking both by 24 terminals in the library and on-line by means of OPAC WWW catalogue.

Apart from storing and offering the collection (books and magazines) the library is developing its library-information activity in virtual and digital space. By creating a Digital Library of the University of Rzeszów digitalized versions of the library's precious works and teaching aids concerning our region will be available. The library's website www http://bur.univ.rzeszow.pl is a virtual guide concerning the collection and the regulations which have to be observed in the library. Via the website you can easily find access to scientific sources of information widely available in the Internet and professional, i.e. complete and bibliographic databases subscribed to by the library and available on the university website.

The library is transforming into a professional information-educational centre, which supports science, culture and art growth in the academic community of the University of Rzeszów and the whole region.



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