The current research of RSPN group members focuses mainly on the theories of rough sets, fuzzy sets and Petri nets and their applications in solving problems related to artificial intelligence, data mining and modeling of intelligent systems. 

In particular, they concern:

  • Modelling concurrent systems, discovering concurrent systems models from data, discovering distributed algorithms from data, approximate reasoning.
  • Classification, prediction, pattern recognition, data reduction, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and evolutionary computing.
  • Control design for the robots.
  • Designing efficient constraint-based clustering algorithms.
  • Interactive data visualizasation and exploration.
  • Investigating ontologies, semantic relations, ontology-based classification and ontlogy-based searching.
  • Unconventional computing by programming Physarum machines and simulating Physarum games.
  • Computer-aided diagnosis of mental disorders based on psychometric tests and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.

Selected publications by the group members can be found in the Publications section of this website.