The Rough Set and Petri Net Research Group was founded in 2001 at the Chair of Computer Science Foundations of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów by Professor Zbigniew Suraj.

Initially, the main research aims of the group concerned current problems in the theory of rough sets and Petri nets focusing mostly on the areas closely related to artificial intelligence such as decision support systems, exploring processes from data, building classifiers, etc. In the years 2006 - 2021, the group was affiliated with the Chair of Computer Science, and from 2022 with the Institute of Computer Science of the College of Natural Sciences of the University of Rzeszów.

Over the years, the research interests of the group have been extended, and currently also cover the fields of computer science such as: data clustering, interactive data visualization and exploration as well as ontology-based classification and searching. Members of the group are editors and co-editors of scietific journals, serve as members of multiple editorial boards and comitte members of numerous international conferences.

The group is also actively involved in domestic and international collaboration with established scientists from countries such as: Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada.

Currently, the group resides at the Institute of Computer Science located in the building of the Center for Innovation, Technical and Natural Knowledge Transfer of the University of Rzeszów at 1 Pigonia Street, Rzeszów, Poland.

Group leader: Prof. Zbigniew Suraj

Group page administrator: Dr. Eng. Piotr Lasek