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Project title: Genetic characteristic of selected yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains including genomic instability analysis and chromosome aberration evaluation Project ID: WND-RPPK-01.03.00-1 8-038/13
Sources of funding: Marshal the Sub-Carpathian Governments. Regional Operational Programme of Podkarpackie Voivodeship for 2007-2013 years. Priority 1: Competitive and Innovative Economy. Action 1.3 Regional Innovation System Amount of funding: 781 098,00 PLN
Places of project implementation: Institute of Applied Biotechnology and Basic
Sciences University of Rzeszów
Start date: 2014-05-15 Finish date: 30.07.2015
List of the most important publications:
  1. Adamczyk J, Deręgowska A, Skoneczny M, Skoneczna A, Kwiatkowska A, Potocki L, Rawska E, Pabian S, Kapłan J, Lewińska A, Wnuk M. 2016. Adaptive response to chronic mild ethanol stress involves ROS, sirtuins and changes in chromosome dosage in wine yeasts. Oncotarget. May 24;7(21):29958-76. IF2016 = 5.168. MNiSW2016 = 35.
  2. Adamczyk J, Deręgowska A, Panek A, Golec E, Lewińska A, Wnuk M. 2016. Affected chromosome homeostasis and genomic instability of clonal yeast cultures. Curr Genet. May;62(2):405-18. IF2016 = 3.764. MNiSW2016 = 25.
  3. Adamczyk J, Deręgowska A, Skoneczny M, Skoneczna A, Natkańska U, Kwiatkowska A, Rawska E, Potocki L, Kuna E, Panek A, Lewińska A, Wnuk M. 2016. Copy number variations of genes involved in stress responses reflect the redox state and DNA damage in brewing yeasts. Cell Stress Chaperones. Sep;21(5):849-64. IF2016 = 2.411. MNiSW2016 = 20.
  4. Adamczyk J, Deręgowska A, Potocki L, Kuna E, Kapłan J, Pabian S, Kwiatkowska A, Lewińska A, Wnuk M. 2016. Relationships between rDNA, Nop1 and Sir complex in biotechnologically relevant distillery yeasts. Arch Microbiol. Sep;198(7):715-23. IF2016 = 1.6. MNiSW2016 = 20.
  5. Deręgowska A, Skoneczny M, Adamczyk J, Kwiatkowska A, Rawska E, Skoneczna A, Lewińska A, Wnuk M. 2015. Genome-wide array-CGH analysis reveals YRF1 gene copy number variation that modulates genetic stability in distillery yeasts. Oncotarget. Oct 13;6(31):30650-63. IF2015 = 5.008. MNiSW2015 = 40.
  6. Deręgowska A, Adamczyk J, Kwiatkowska A, Gurgul A, Skoneczny M, Skoneczna A, Szmatoła T, Jasielczuk I, Magda M, Rawska E, Pabian S, Panek A, Kapłan J, Lewińska A, Wnuk M. 2015. Shifts in rDNA levels act as a genome buffer promoting chromosome homeostasis. Cell Cycle. Nov 2;14(21):3475-87. IF2015 = 3.952. MNiSW2015 = 30.
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