Modern technologies in rehabilitation

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Evidence of the scientific contribution:[wydanie,46123,2,2019]

Evidence of social contributions:

MDR 2017

MDR 2018

MDR 2019

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Institute of Health Sciences, College of Medical Sciences, University of Rzeszow


Health Sciences

Title of societal impact case study

Modern technologies in rehabilitation

1. Research contribution

  • Dr hab. n. o zdr Teresa Pop, prof. UR
  • Dr Joanna Baran
  • Dr Justyna Leszczak
  • Dr Agnieszka Bejer

They presented in their works modern technologies used in physiotherapy and their impact on the course of diseases and treatment. These works are the result of many years of research and scientific meetings. They are publicly available both for the scientific community as well as for patients or their families.
The studies were also accompanied by consultations, during which patients (or their families) could consult their cases, and learn how to deal with the patient.

2. Evidence of research contribution

  1. 1. Rehabilitacja 2019 / pod. red nauk. Teresy Pop. Wydaw. Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, 2020, Punktacja MNiSW: 80.000
  2. Rehabilitacja 2018 / pod redakcją naukową Teresy Pop. Bonus Liber Wydawnictwo i Drukarnia Diecezji Rzeszowskiej, 2019, 192 s., ISBN: 978-83-65931-61-0, Punktacja MNiSW: 5.000
  3. Marzena Adamczyk, Wojciech Rusek, Joanna Baran, Justyna Leszczak, Teresa Pop. Rozwój nowoczesnych technologii w rehabilitacji chodu pacjentów neurologicznych - opis przypadku. Rehabilitacja w Praktyce. - 2019, nr 2, s. 49-53. Punktacja MNiSW: 5.000
  4. Wojciech Rusek, Teresa Pop, Joanna Baran, Marzena Adamczyk. Funkcjonalna stymulacja magnetyczna przedramienia jako uzupełnienie fizjoterapii ręki pacjentki po udarze niedokrwiennym mózgu : opis przypadku. W: Rehabilitacja 2017 / pod red. nauk. Teresy Pop. BONUS LIBER Sp. z o. o. Wydawnictwo i Drukarnia Diecezji Rzeszowskiej, 2018, S. 167-177. ISBN: 978-83-65931-15-3. Punktacja MNiSW: 5.000
  5. Sabina Mastej, Teresa Pop, Agnieszka Bejer, Jędrzej Płocki, Ireneusz Kotela.  Porównanie skuteczności terapii falą uderzeniową z wybranymi zabiegami fizykalnymi u pacjentów z zespołem łokcia tenisisty. Ortopedia, Traumatologia, Rehabilitacja. - 2018, Vol. 20, iss. 4, s. 301-311, Punktacja MNiSW: 15.000.

3. Characteristic of societal impact

Scientific meetings have been organized in Rzeszów for many years in order to increase knowledge in the field of rehabilitation. These meetings include International Rehabilitation Days (12 editions), Rehabilitation Assembly of the PodkarpackieVoivodship (28 editions), Scientific and Training Meetings of the Podkarpackie Branch of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy (15 editions), Meetings of the Little University of Rzeszów (7 editions).

International Rehabilitation Days. The main goal of the conference is to enable young doctors and physiotherapists to listen to the reports of authorities in the presented field, and to enable them to present their first research. The conference is also an opportunity for students and PhD students to present their work. The result of the meeting is an annual scientific publication, with a collection of the most important works, widely available (e.g. Rehabilitation 2019, Rehabilitation 2018, Rehabilitation 2017 etc.)

The Rehabilitation Assembly of the PodkarpackieVoivodeship is above all an opportunity for people with disabilities to meet with local and central authorities, representatives of the rehabilitation world, the media, etc. These people have the opportunity to present the current needs and problems of people with disabilities. The effect of the activities of the Rehabilitation Assemblies and Caritas Foundation of the Rzeszów Diocese was the creation of the Clinical Regional Rehabilitation and Educational Center for Children and Youth of the name of Blessed John Paul II in Rzeszów.

The organizers invited well-known figures in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation to the Scientific and Training Meetings of the Podkarpackie Branch of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy. Participants (physiotherapists, doctors) had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, research results or practical techniques used to improve patients.

Classes at the Little University of Rzeszów are classes organized for children from the local community. Children will learn the specifics of work in various medical professions. They learn, for example, the basics of first aid, preventing posture defects, belaying people with disabilities or how to eat healthy food.

4. Evidence of societal impact

Evidence of this social impact is available, for example, as online sources. Every year, after the "International Rehabilitation Days" conference, a report with a photo report is published on the website:,22616

It is similar with the Rehabilitation Assembly of the PodkarpackieVoivodeship:

and the classes in the framework of the Little University of Rzeszow:

5. Justification of interdisciplinarity and breakhrough of the research

Interdisciplinarity of research also applies to other disciplines of the studied field.