Examination of the body posture of children

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Institute of Health Sciences, College of Medical Sciences, University of Rzeszow


Health Sciences

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Examination of the body posture of children from the Trzebownisko commune

1. Research contribution

Posture defects of children aged 3 to 18 are one of the most common health problems in the world. Etiology is not homogeneous and an additional negative factor is the fast pace of life of modern people. It is believed that special threats to the child's body posture occur during periods of the fastest growth rate, which occurs at the age of 6-7 years and during puberty.

Body posture defects in children in Poland vary depending on the region. As a rule, these are defective habitual attitudes, which significantly affect the increase in the population of people with postural defects.

The growing number of overweight and obesity outbreaks in school children can be one of the reasons for the growing number of children with abnormal body posture. The increasing percentage of overweight and obese children, as well as children with postural defects justifies the need to examine school-age children.

Considering the above, an educational and scientific project was developed to assess the body posture of children from schools in the Trzebownisko commune. This project was implemented in 2016-2019 by employees of the Institute of Physiotherapy of the Medical Faculty of the University of Rzeszów, employees of Rehabilitation Center REHAMED-CENTER Sp. z o.o. in Tajęcina and the Commune Office of Trzebownisko.

In the first year, nearly 500 students aged 6-16 joined the study. In the following years, another 800 people. After obtaining the consent of the parent and pupils, the body posture examination was performed using the Zebris system, the balance test on the Zebris stabilometric platform, the body composition test with the Tanita 780 analyzer and anthropometric measurements.

The research provided knowledge on the size of the problem of posture defects and weight disorders in the Trzebownisko commune. The project was completed with publications in journals with IF and monographs.

Teresa Pop - project coordinator / researcher

Team members: Joanna Baran, Justyna Leszczak, Aneta Weres, Ewelina Czenczek-Lewandowska.

2. Evidence of research contribution


1) Wojciech Rusek, Leszczak Justyna, Baran Joanna, Marzena Adamczyk, Aneta Weres, Rafał Baran, Grzegorz Inglot, Ewelina Czenczek-Lewandowska, Sławomir Porada, Teresa Pop “The role of body mass category in the development of faulty postures in school age children from a rural area in south-eastern Poland – a cross-sectional study.” BMJ Open 2019;9:e030610. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2019-030610

2) Adamczyk Marzena, Rusek Wojciech, Baran Joanna, Leszczak Justyna, Pop Teresa „Wpływ rehabilitacji na symetrię obciążania kończyn dolnych u dzieci ze skoliozami idiopatycznymi – badania pilotażowe.” [W:] Rehabilitacja 2018. red. prof. Teresa Pop. Rzeszów 2019, wyd. BONUS LIBER Sp. z o. o. s. 9-23. ISBN ISBN 978-83-65931-61-0.

3) Wojciech Rusek, Joanna Baran, Justyna Leszczak, Marzena Adamczyk, Aneta Weres, Rafał Baran, Grzegorz Inglot, and Teresa Pop „The Influence of Body Mass Composition on the Postural Characterization of School-Age Children and Adolescents.” BioMed Research International Volume 2018, Article ID 9459014, 7 pages


4) Rusek Wojciech, Pop Teresa, Baran Joanna, Adamczyk Marzena, Bożyk Olga „Epidemiologia skolioz w Polsce i wybranych krajach – analiza piśmiennictwa” [W:] Rehabilitacja 2017. red. prof. Teresa Pop. Rzeszów 2018, wyd. BONUS LIBER Sp. z o. o. s. 147-166. ISBN 978-83-65931-15-3.

5) Wojciech Rusek, Teresa Pop, Marzena Adamczyk, Joanna Baran: „Symetria obciążania kończyn dolnych u dzieci i młodzieży ze skoliozami idiopatycznymi. (Lower extremities loading in children and adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis)” [W:] Rehabilitacja 2016 pod. Red. prof. Teresy Pop, wyd. Bonus Liber Rzeszów 2017: 231-250 ISBN 978-83-65441-62-1

3. Characteristic of societal impact

The problem of posture defects applies to many children. In many cases, parents are not aware that something is wrong with their children's body. Therefore, it was decided to address this problem and organize a series of free tests and consultations for children and parents from the commune of Trzebownisko.

After the tests, parents received a test report with a description of the results obtained. In addition, the parent could benefit from a free consultation at the Rehabilitation Center.

The assessment used highly specialized, reliable and repeatable equipment. Some of the parents learned about the existing problem, some had the opportunity to check if there was improvement under the influence of rehabilitation. An additional benefit for the participants was the fact that the study was free and available to anyone who wanted to take part in it. Thanks to this, all willing families could benefit. There are also Child Care Homes in the Trzebownisko commune. Their pupils were also evaluated and the results were sent to their guardians.

In addition to individual results for parents, the authors also developed aggregate results, which were presented in the above-mentioned scientific publications and during scientific conferences. Papers published in open access make it possible to use them as a source of knowledge for other researchers, parents and practitioners.

4. Evidence of societal impact

Papers presented during the conference:

1) XII International Days of Rehabilitation, Rzeszów, 20-21.02.2020r.

Rusek Wojciech, Baran Joanna, Leszczak Justyna, Adamczyk Marzena, Weres Aneta, Baran Rafał, Pop Teresa „Skład masy ciała a postawa u dzieci i młodzieży w wieku szkolnym”

2) IX International Days of Rehabilitation, Rzeszów, 23-24.02.2017r.

Rusek Wojciech, Pop Teresa, Baran Joanna, Adamczyk Marzena, Weres Aneta, Baran Rafał, Korczowski Bartosz, Posadzki Paweł „Postawa ciała dzieci w wieku szkolnym w zależności od składu masy ciała

5. Justification of interdisciplinarity and breakhrough of the research

The presented project is an interdisciplinary activity. The authors, in cooperation with medical scientists, assessed the scale of the problem as well as enabled parents to intervene early in the event of changes in body posture.