Internship Coordinator:

Dr hab. n. med. inż. Dorota Bartusik- Aebisher, prof. UR

E-mail: [email protected]


Dear Students,

The following groups have been created in the MS Temas application:

Patient care-internships 2019/2020

Family doctor -internships

Emergency help - internships 2019/2020

In each group was created the task: Internships diary

Please submit internship diaries for created tasks.




Dear Students,

Today (10 JUN 2020) we received information, that due to the COVID situation The Winsen Hospital is unable to accept and train students for the four-week nursing internship in this year (2020).

The deadline for sending documents for internships is extended to 30 June 2020


Dear Students,

The Rector of the University of Rzeszów agreed for Students to undergo apprenticeships for medical practice at their place of residence.

Please complete (capital letters) and send back the Application for Clinical Training at foreign hospital and Declaration of Intent - internships during pandemic by 30 JUN 2020.

The application must be approved by the Dean and sent back to You before starting his apprenticeship.

Please, make the signatures on the application legible.

Along with the application, please send a copy of the accident insurance policy for the period of planned practice.


Internships -English Division MD program in medicine
  Practice form of credit number of hours Year of study,semester
1 Patient Care - 4 weeks ZO 120 I Year, 2nd semester
2 Family Medicine - 3 weeks ZO 90 II Year,  4th semester
3 Emergency assistance - 1 week ZO 30 II Year, 4th Semester
4 Internal Disease - 4 weeks ZO 120 III Year, 6th semester
5  Pediatrics - 2 weeks ZO 60 IV Year, 8th semester
6 Surgery - 2 weeks ZO 60 IV Year, 8th semester
7 Gynecology and obstetrics - 2 weeks ZO 60 V Year,  10th semester
8 Intensive Care - 2 weeks  ZO 60 V Year,  10th semester

*ZO - passing grades




1. Application for Clinical Training at foreign hospital

2. Declaration of Intent - internships during pandemic

Oświadczenie woli Studenta dotyczące PZ podczas pandemii


Zgoda na odbycie praktyki zawodowej - szpital w Polsce

Internship - agreement - (Polish hospital)


Internship regulations

Internship diary -education cycle 2018-2024

Internship card (Patient care) 1st year- education cycle 2019-2025

Terms And Conditions Of The Professional Practice Program In Medicne For The Medical College Of The University Of Rzeszów

Regulamin Programowych Praktyk Zawodowych Dla Kierunku Lekarskiego Kolegium Nauk Medycznych Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego