Code of Ethics for Doctoral Students



In accordance with the delegation contained in Article 208 (1a) of the Law on Higher Education, the Doctoral Student Government of the University of Rzeszów adopts this Code of Ethics for Doctoral Students.

The submitted Code constitutes a set of principles indicating the manner of self-regulation of the doctoral community in terms of basic ethical values and good practices in science. Its basis is the conviction of the fundamental nature of respect for the virtues of research and teaching work and the doctoral community.

Its provisions are an integral part of the oath:

I solemnly vow that I will persevere in the pursuit of knowledge, skills and personality development, respect academic laws and regulations, and with all my conduct care for the dignity and honor of a doctoral student of the University of Rzeszów.

This code also defines the basic principles of proper practice of research and teaching by doctoral students.



§ 1

1. The duties of a doctoral student should be performed on the basis of ethical standards

2. A violation of the dignity of a doctoral student should be understood as such conduct that infringes at the good reputation of the University as well as the doctoral student themselves. Such conduct is, in particular, any act that may undermine confidence in the doctoral student's research work or the academic community.

3. It is the responsibility of a doctoral student to observe the ethical standards and principles set forth in this Code.

§ 2

1. In cases not covered by this Code, a doctoral student shall be guided by internal acts issued by the bodies of the University of Rzeszów and shall behave in accordance with the customs accepted in the academic community.

§ 3

Each doctoral student is obliged to cooperate with the bodies of the University and with the Doctoral Student Council in complying with this Code.

§ 4

1. The principles expressed in this Code shall apply to a doctoral student during his/her classes, research work, as well as in those aspects of his/her private and professional life that affect the academic environment of the University of Rzeszów.

§ 5

  1. A doctoral student should be characterized by:
    1. conscientiousness in the scientific activities undertaken, especially in the teaching work and research conducted;
    2. impartiality and reliability in the work, research and deliberations undertaken, which should manifest itself primarily in independence from any influence on the activities carried out;
    3. responsibility for actions taken, words and opinions expressed, including gestures and behavior in the public space;
    4. courage in the research undertaken and the conclusions presented, even when they contradict established practice to date;
    5. openness to cooperation with participants in the scientific discourse;
    6. reliability and credibility of the research presented;
    7. integrity and dignity when representing the University at scientific conferences, seminars study tours, internships and other scientific meetings;
    8. honesty in the course of presented speeches at scientific conferences and within the framework of the teaching activity carried out.

§ 6

  1. In the case of violation of the Regulations and/or violation of ethical principles, proceedings may be initiated against a doctoral student at the bodies of the University or the Doctoral Student Fellow Tribunal.
  2. The rules for the functioning of the Doctoral Student Fellow Tribunal, approved by the Doctoral Student Government of the University of Rzeszów, are set forth in separate regulations.


§ 7

  1. A doctoral student is obliged to meticulously collect and analyze the materials derived from their research, and to exercise due diligence in storing them in such a way as to prevent tampering. At the same time, their storage should be done in such a way that, after publication of the results, it is possible to inspect these materials, in accordance with the indications of the various scientific disciplines.

§ 8

1. Scientific research should be conducted in accordance with the principles of scientific research, taking into account scrupulousness, reliability, credibility and impartiality.

§ 9

1. Scientific research should be carried out taking into account the principles of safety, including, in particular, in relation to the team members carrying out the research project and the subjects of the research.

§ 10

1. The funds from which the research is carried out should be allocated rationally and in accordance with the legal regulations in force in this regard.

§ 11

1. Research should be conducted in such a way as not to infringe on the copyrights of others.


  1. 1. Highly unethical is:
    1. fabricating research results, falsifying and plagiarizing them;
    2. presenting the same scientific article or speech at more than one scientific conference;
    3. publishing the same content of a scientific article, another paper or speech, under changed titles in different publications and at different scientific conferences;
    4. presentation to the bodies of the University of certificates of participation in scientific conferences in which the doctoral student did not participate or participated incomplete in their organization (excluding fortuitous accidents);
    5. presentation to the University authorities of certificates of having delivered a paper at a scientific conference, if the doctoral student, despite declaring such a presentation, did not finally deliver it;
    6. presenting someone else's publication as one's own;
    7. taking other detrimental actions that affect the evaluation of the scientific community, legal entities or those without legal personality;
    8. presenting false documents or confirmations that affect the grades obtained, scholarships and other decisions of the University;
    9. unauthorized actions to the detriment of other doctoral students, students, employees of the University, which the doctoral student carries out using his/her status as a doctoral student of the University of Rzeszów.
    10. unauthorized actions to the detriment of any other natural, legal or unincorporated person, and which is related to educational, scientific, teaching, publishing, research or other activities that a doctoral student carries out using his/her status as a doctoral student of the University of Rzeszów.


§ 13

  1. A doctoral student within his/her academic discipline should be characterized by the knowledge and skills necessary to competently teach independently or under the supervision of a faculty member.
  2. The classes taught by a doctoral student should encourage students to explore the issues constituting the content of a particular subject.
  3. They shall conduct teaching classes independently or under the supervision of an academic staff member at an hourly rate of 10 to 90 hours per academic year.
  4. Teaching or co-teaching by a doctoral student should be considered as an honor.

§ 14

  1. Teaching or co-teaching should be in accordance with the content of the subject being taught and the technical conditions available.
  2. The doctoral student should make efforts to diversify the forms and ways of conducting classes, taking into account the latest teaching methods.

§ 15

  1. A doctoral student should behave culturally, in a manner consistent with accepted customs.
  2. When assessing the knowledge, skills and social competence of students in the subject, the doctoral student should be characterized by reliability, professionalism and objectivity.


§ 16

  1. A doctoral student is obliged to show respect to the authorities, the academic community and the symbols of the University of Rzeszów.

§ 17

  1. A doctoral student is obliged to comply with the resolutions and orders issued by the University of Rzeszów.
  2. In case of doubts of the doctoral student related to the adopted legal solutions, the doctoral student may consult the Doctoral Student Council.

§ 18

  1. The doctoral student is obliged to properly mark the activities undertaken on behalf of the University, by indicating the logo and/or annotation of affiliation.
  2. In the case of cooperation with external entities, this obligation is the same as what is indicated in paragraph 1.

§ 19

1. A doctoral student undertaking activities on behalf of the University in cooperation with several other units shall be obliged to include information about such representation in all materials and publications.


§ 20

  1. A doctoral student can and should cooperate for the benefit of the community of doctoral students of the University of Rzeszow, within the limits of his/her abilities.

§ 21

  1. Any disputes between doctoral students or doctoral students and the University staff should first be resolved amicably.
  2. A doctoral student may request assistance in resolving a dispute from the Doctoral Student Council and/or the Doctoral Student Government.


§ 22

  1. A doctoral student shall adhere to the principle of non-discrimination against others on the basis of age, gender, political opinion, sexual orientation, race, organizational and party affiliation, and on other grounds not previously mentioned, which are included in other acts of law in force in the Republic of Poland and the European Union.
  2. In all matters not covered by this Code, the laws of the Republic of Poland and legal acts of the University of Rzeszów shall apply.

This Code was approved by the Board of the Doctoral Student Council of the University of Rzeszów on March 14, 2017.