• When does the registration of candidates for studies begin at the University of Rzeszów?

The registration of candidates starts May 30, 2022 and will take place in accordance with the approved admission schedule.


  • Who do we contact in case of difficulties with your registration?

Problems with registration and questions regarding technical matters with the university admission system should be reported via e-mail and phone to the address and telephone number provided:

e-mail: djamrozy@ur.edu.pl

tel. (17) 872 12 02


  • In how many fields of study can candidates apply for at the University of Rzeszów?

There are no limitations regarding the number of fields of study a prospecting candidate can apply for at the University of Rzeszów.

Remember, however, that in applying for varied courses you need to pay the necessary application fee for each.


  • How much is the application fee for course during the 2022/2023 academic year?

150 złotych - in respect of fields of study where it is necessary to check the candidate’s artistic aptitude, namely artistic education in the field of musical art, graphics, instrumental studies, jazz and popular music, visual arts;

100 złotych - in circumstance where it is necessary to conduct entrance examinations, or to check candidates physical fitness – for example fields like: physical education, speech therapy in teaching Polish as a foreign language;

85 złotych – for other fields of studies.


  • How to make payments of admission fees?

Candidates with Polish citizenship and any foreigner undertaking studies on terms applicable to a Polish citizen shall pay the admission fee to an individual sub-account generated by the university admissions platform for each candidate, indicating the field (s) of study. The admission platform automatically calculates the appropriate amount of the fee to be paid, depending on the number of courses selected by the candidate.


  • Do candidates have to pay several admission fees or just one fee when registering for several fields of study?

 Candidates applying for admission to several fields of study may choose to make payments separately for each field of study or single payment, being the sum of all due fees. An individualized number is assigned to the account of each candidate.


  • If I choose a field of study both as full-time and part-time studies, do I have to make double payments?

If a candidate chooses the same course of study both a full-time and part-time studies you are expected to make one payment.


  • When will the admission fee paid be visible on the candidate's panel as well as on the university’s admission platform?

The fee will become visible after it has been credited to the university’s admissions account. Typically, it takes 3 working days for information regarding admission fees to become visible on the university admission platform and on the candidate's panel.


  • What steps do one take if the admission fee has been made but is not visible on the university’s admission platform?

If a candidate has made the necessary payments but remains not visible on the admission platform, he / she is obliged to report this fact to the Central Admissions Commission, providing a proof of payment in the form stipulated by the Commission. The Central Admission Commission reports the situation to the University Admission platform’s administrator, who then assigns the “pending payment” status of the admission fee. The candidate is allowed to take part in further stages of the admission procedure.


  • Am I, a fresh secondary school graduate, legible to apply if I am yet to receive the results of my secondary school-leaving examination?

Of course. One should in such case enter a fictitious number of the secondary school-leaving examination certificate ("0", in words - zero) and a fictitious date when the secondary school-leaving examination certificate obtained. In this case, no grades should be entered. After receiving the secondary school-leaving examination results, the impute data should be updated (enter actual grades).


  • What do I do if I have wrongly ticked the type of school certificate exam?

In order to change the type of school certificate entered, take the following steps:

  1. a) go to the list of selected courses using the „Finish the application” button,
  2. b) make sure you have not registered for any other course of study. You must annul all previously selected course;
  3. c) use the „Grades” button next to the desired course of study, then locate the „Type of school certificate exam” / „matura” on the screen;
  4. d) select the appropriate type of school certificate/ matura exam. All previously entered grades will automatically be deleted. The procedure can be abandoned at any point in time by clicking “Exit”.
  5. e) Confirm any changes made by re-entering the grades from the school leaving certificate exam. Click “Submit data” to conclude the procedure. At this stage all changes made will have been saved.


  • What do the terms „old and new matura” refer to?

The old secondary school leaving examination (old matura) refers to exams concluded prior to 2004.

The new secondary school leaving examination (new matura) refers to exams taken in 2005 and thereafter.


  • Are candidates with old matura exempted from entrance examinations?

Candidates with the old school certificate exam are subjected to the same rules of eligibility as candidates with the new school certificate exam. The only difference in the conversion of the certificate grades.

  • What can I do if I receive my bachelor’s certificate later than the deadline for submitting required documents?

It’s enough to submit a confirmation of completion of studies and the results of the degree examination should be provided.


  • How can non-Polish citizens become students of the University of Rzeszów?

The rules for admission for foreign candidates are provided in Candidate > Admission of foreigners tab. All further questions should be directed to the Admissions and Student Career department where our personnel will provide necessary information. E-mail [email protected], tel. 17 872 14 00


  • Why does the „registration incomplete” status appear on the candidate’s account/ page?

To obtain the „registration complete” status, three conditions ought to be fulfilled:

1) completion of the registration process (by filling in all details, entering degrees, etc.)

2) notification on the university’s bank account that the admission fee has been paid.

3) the University’s acceptance of the photo provided by the candidate.


  • Is it mandatory to upload my photograph to the e- student ID? 

Sending a photo to the electronic student ID is obligatory. However, the photo can be attached at any time before the commencement of the printing of ID cards, e.g. when the candidate is already admitted to studies. 

  • When and how can I obtain a referral to the work-related doctor?

Once the notification „candidate shortlisted for further admission procedure” appears on the individual admission platform, all shortlisted candidates can download referrals for medical examinations from their individual accounts. Having done with the tests performed in one of the facilities listed at the back of the referral and having obtained a positive medical clearance from a specialized work-related doctor, the candidate shall submit it along with other requested documents to the head office of the Collegiate Admissions Team within the deadlines specified in the admissions schedule.

  • What steps to take if one forgets his/her password to the individual admission account?

I such circumstances make use of the password recovery function located in the login window. This prompts a new password to be generated and automatically sent to the e-mail submitted by the candidate.


  • Is the order of registration in the admissions platform decisive on a candidate’s admission for full-time / part-time studies?

This is insignificant as candidates are offered admission strictly in accordance the guidelines for admissions passed by the Senate of the University of Rzeszów.


  • Where and when can one check for admission results?

The outcome of a candidate’s admission shall be published the candidate’s account with the IRK of the admission platform.


  • When should relevant documents be submitted to the university?

Information regarding the date and place documents ought to be submitted by accepted candidates will be made available by the Collegiate Admissions Team on the candidate’s account, using the announcement tab.


  • Should the required documents be delivered personally or can be delivered through a proxy? If so, are additional documents required?

Required documents may be delivered through a proxy. However, a notarized power of attorney is required. the template of such document can be found in the Candidate> Recruitment 2022/2023> Downloads tab.


  • Who and when can appeal against an unfavourable decision of the Central Admissions Commission?

An appeal to the Rector may be submitted by any candidate, who has received a written, unfavourable decision. The appeal should be submitted to the head office of the Central Admissions Commission together with a copy of the denial of admission.


  • Are full-time studies payable?

Full-time studies are tuition free, except for the medical faculty with studies conducted in English.

Persons studying at two or more faculties have since the 2014/2015 academic year been exempted from paying tuition fees.


  • What is the difference between compulsory and additional/ optional subjects?

A compulsory subject is that required in the qualification procedure for admission.  The lack of such a subject on the secondary school leaving certificate/ maturity certificate precludes the candidate from further consideration as a prospecting candidate in the admission process.

An additional subject is that not compulsory in the qualification process. Its lack in the secondary school leaving certificate means that the potential candidate scores zero “0” points in that particular subject in the admission procedure, but does not precludes him/her from further participation in the admissions procedure.


  • What is meant additional criterion?

The additional criterion is an additional subject from the secondary school leaving certificate exam that is taken into account when the number of candidates that have merited admission is higher than the number of places available in a given department.


  • What are the cut-off points for each field of study?

The University does not define minimum cut-off points. The list of candidates offered admission is made up of those with the highest points gained from the admission procedure. Such persons are offered admission until the given limit of places for each department is attained.  


  • How many did the last person that made the list for internal security obtain during the previous admission process? 

The University of Rzeszów does not provide such information, as the number with the qualifying points can vary significantly from year to year.