About us


The College of Natural Sciences, University of Rzeszów, was established in 2019 from the merger of three thriving faculties: Faculty of Biology and Agriculture, Faculty of Biotechnology, and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, whose origins date back to the 1970s.

Located mainly within the Rejtana Campus and Zalesie Campus, the College also includes buildings in Werynia and the experimental station in Krasne.

The College of Natural Sciences consists of seven institutes:

  1. Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Environment Management and Protection
  2. Institute of Biology and Biotechnology
  3. Institute of Computer Science
  4. Institute of Food Technology and Nutrition
  5. Institute of Materials Engineering
  6. Institute of Mathematics
  7. Institute of Physical Sciences

and five centres:

  1. Didactic and Scientific Centre of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology
  2. Centre for Innovation and Transfer of Technical and Natural Knowledge
  3. Centre for Innovative Technologies
  4. Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Modelling
  5. Interdisciplinary Centre for Preclinical and Clinical Research



In the College of Natural Sciences the following disciplines are being evaluated:

  1. biological sciences,
  2. agriculture and horticulture,
  3. food technology and nutrition,
  4. computer science and telecommunications,
  5. mathematics,
  6. physical sciences
  7. materials engineering.


The College of Natural Sciences has the rights to confer the following degrees:

- postdoctoral (Polish: doktor habilitowany):

  1. in the field of exact and natural sciences in the discipline of biological sciences,
  2. in the field of agricultural sciences in the discipline of agriculture and horticulture,

- doctoral degree (Polish: doktor):

  1. in the area of exact and natural sciences in the discipline of biological sciences,
  2. in the area of exact and natural sciences in the discipline of physical sciences,
  3. in the area of agricultural sciences in the discipline of agriculture and horticulture,
  4. in the area of agricultural sciences in the discipline of food technology and nutrition



The College of Natural Sciences has a rich infrastructure including over 250 items of highly specialized scientific and research equipment, thanks to which the College employees conduct research at a high, world-class level and publish in renowned scientific journals. Laboratories are successively equipped, which allows the implementation of priority research tasks, knowledge transfer and expansion of cooperation with entrepreneurs.



The College of Natural Sciences cooperates with over 120 companies and institutions from all over Poland. Together we carry out projects, research, as well as implement innovative products and technologies (over 30 services have been completed since 2017). The College has a wide range of commercial services in the field of exact and life sciences, agriculture, technology, computer science (including research, expertise, opinion of innovation, training).



The College is proud of extensive scientific cooperation with over 50 countries around the world (including England, Australia, Belgium, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Sweden, Ukraine, the United States of America) and with foreign scientific institutions (including École Centrale de Lyon, University of Otago, University of Oxford, National University of Singapore, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Sorbonne Université, Politécnico de Portalegre, The University of Tokyo, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, University of Glasgow, Universidade de Vigo, Universitat de Barcelona)



The College of Natural Sciences of the University of Rzeszów is distinguished by the high standard of education in exact science, natural sciences, technology, agriculture. We are constantly building the didactic potential to even more effectively transfer the acquired knowledge to students. The job market is looking for specialists with knowledge of innovation and modern technologies. Our graduates are highly qualified specialists - many of them are employed by the companies cooperating with the College after finishing their internship or apprenticeship.

The College of Natural Sciences provides education on the first and second degree studies on 16 majors:

  1. agriculture
  2. agri-food logistics
  3. agroforestry
  4. biology
  5. biotechnology
  6. computer science
  7. computer science and econometrics
  8. diagnostic systems in medicine
  9. environmental protection
  10. food technology and human nutrition
  11. landscape architecture
  12. materials engineering
  13. mathematics
  14. mechatronics
  15. physics
  16. renewable energy sources and waste management.

For active students - enthusiasts
, for whom science knows no boundaries, the College offers the development of passions outside the curriculum in the framework of 16 student science clubs.  

Members of student science clubs actively participate in research work, conferences and competitions, go to scientific camps. Every student with a passion for science will certainly find something for themselves.

At our University, students can participate in many cultural and entertainment events, such as “KultURalia" (concerts and accompanying fun events), "Noc Planszówek” (board games night), biegUR (a sports event /5K run/ for the University of Rzeszów students and emloyees, and also all residents of Rzeszów).

For active sportsmen, the university offers physical education classes within sports and recreation sections (e.g. volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, cycling, table tennis, rugby, climbing, sports bridge, chess) and participation in Polish Academic Championships. For the less active - recreational activities including: canoeing, tennis, table tennis, climbing, horseback riding, survival, physical preparation for the uniformed services.

For those who would like to develop their dancing and artistic skills, the University offers classes run by the Cultural and Educational Study Centre, which enables students to acquire and improve their dancing skills, develop their vocal skills, or improve their instrumental and musical skills (including preparation to play in a folk band).

For students with disabilities, the University offers support through the Office for Persons with Disabilities in the following areas:

- sign interpreter assistance,

- disability assistant (blind, visually impaired),

- transportation by minibus to classes for the disabled students with motor dysfunction,

- rental of specialist equipment supporting the learning process for disabled persons,

- assistance in obtaining support to subsidize the cost of education,

- free specialist consultations,

- free summer camps, and many others.

For candidates, the university offers specialized help with entrance exams.

Wish to study abroad? With us it is possible! Students can go for a semester on an international academic exchange Erasmus+ to one of about 80 universities in the world, and participate in an international summer school within the CEEPUS program. Unforgettable impressions, improvement of a foreign language, new friendships, sightseeing - all is possible while studying!

Students have at their disposal outstanding scientists and teachers, modern infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories.

Studying at the College of Natural Sciences, University of Rzeszów, is a good investment in your future!