Szkoła Doktorska w Uniwersytecie Rzeszowskim kształci doktorantów w następujących dyscyplinach naukowych:

  • archeologia,
  • ekonomia i finanse,
  • filozofia,
  • historia,
  • językoznawstwo,
  • literaturoznawstwo,
  • nauki biologiczne,
  • nauki fizyczne,
  • nauki medyczne,
  • nauki o polityce i administracji,
  • nauki o zdrowiu,
  • nauki prawne,
  • nauki socjologiczne,
  • pedagogika,
  • rolnictwo i ogrodnictwo,
  • technologia żywności i żywienia

oraz dyscyplinach artystycznych:

  • sztuki muzyczne,
  • sztuki plastyczne i konserwacja dzieł sztuki.


Kształcenie doktorantów w Szkole Doktorskiej UR rozpoczęło się z dniem 1 października 2019r. i trwa 6-8 semestrów.

Szkoła Doktorska UR umożliwia  w szczególności:

  • uzyskanie zaawansowanej wiedzy w określonych dziedzinach nauki i dyscyplinach naukowych lub dziedzinie sztuki i dyscyplinie artystycznej;
  • przygotowanie do samodzielnego prowadzenia pracy naukowej lub artystycznej;
  • przygotowanie rozprawy doktorskiej lub pracy artystycznej stanowiących podstawę do nadania stopnia doktora;
  • uzyskanie stopnia naukowego doktora.


The doctoral school is a new form of the doctoral education system in Poland, introduced on October 1, 2019 to the higher education system under the provisions of the Act - Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1668, as amended), the so-called Act 2.0. The doctoral programme is full-time and lasts between 6 and 8 semesters. Its major goal is preparation of doctoral thesis. This process includes two components: the  program of studies and an individual research plan.

The Doctoral School of the University of Rzeszów was established in 2019 and it draws from the experience gained during years of conducting  doctoral studies at the University of Rzeszów. The Doctoral School of the University of Rzeszów provides a creative and interdisciplinary approach to scientific research and a flexible programme, allowing every candidate to select courses according to their research interests.

They gain knowledge, skills and competences that will constitute the basis for their present and future research work.

The supervisors support doctoral students in the process of applying for a doctoral degree.

During their studies, doctoral students participate in specialist courses (lectures, seminars, laboratories) and courses developing their scientific skills and methodological competences. The Doctoral School also offers an interdisciplinary network of cooperation, creating conditions for comprehensive scientific development. The main goal of the Doctoral School of the University of Rzeszów is to prepare its PhD students for independent  research of the highest quality and for teaching at an academic institution. The school welcomes foreign candidates, with selected courses being taught in English.

The Doctoral School at the University of Rzeszów is a place for those who wish to complete their PhD in one of the following disciplines:

  • archaeology,
  • economics and finance,
  • philosophy,
  • history,
  • linguistics,
  • literary studies,
  • biological sciences,
  • physical sciences,
  • medical sciences,
  • health sciences,
  • law,
  • political science and public administration,
  • sociology,
  • education,
  • agriculture and horticulture,
  • nutrition and food technology
  • music,
  • fine arts and art conservation.

Doctoral students receive scientific supervision,  have access to modern infrastructure and the University's resources  .

Education at the doctoral school is free for all including foreign students, and recruitment is an open competition.

The doctoral school admits candidates with the professional title of M.Sc, M.Sc Eng, M.A., (pl. magister, magister engineer) or graduates of first-cycle studies or students who have completed the third year of master's studies, if this is justified by the highest quality of their scientific achievements.

One person can only be a PhD student at one doctoral school.

An individual research plan is developed by a doctoral student in consultation with his or her supervisor within 12 months from the commencement of studies at the doctoral school, and its implementation is subject to mid-studies evaluation.

In the individual research plan, the deadline for submitting the doctoral dissertation is set, which is tantamount to the completion of a given student’s studies. This period may be extended by a maximum of 2 years or suspended for the period of taking leave related to maternity leave.

Education at the doctoral school ends with the submission of the doctoral dissertation.

The doctoral degree is awarded in a separate procedure in the field and scientific discipline selected by the student. In Poland Act 2.0 also introduced the possibility of awarding a doctoral degree in the field only, without specifying the discipline, when the doctoral dissertation is interdisciplinary and there is no leading discipline.