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Information for Exchange students (non-Erasmus) – after arrival to the University of Rzeszów

First of all you should start with finding courses you would like to study at the University of Rzeszów. The list of courses taught in English you will find on our web site


  • If you have chosen courses offered not only by your main Faculty but also by other Faculties you should talk about it with your Departmental Coordinator during your first meeting.
    If he/she accept it you have to fill in the document called
    This document should be signed
    • first by Departmental Coordinators of the other receiving Faculties of UR
    • second by Departmental Coordinator of your main Faculty of UR


  • If you have already finished to choose all courses you will attend and they are different than courses on your Learning Agreement, you should fill in document called
    Changes to LA should be prepared within 1 month after the beginning of your studies and signed by Departmental Coordinator of your main Faculty at the University of Rzeszów


  • In order to start your exams in the end of semester you should print the following document
    This document should be duly filled in and signed. You should give original to the Departmental Coordinator of your main Faculty, after making copy for yourself.
    On the base of this document, the Departmental Coordinator of your main Faculty will prepare the Transcript of Records for you.


  • In the end of your study, just before departure, you should come to the International Relations Office (Al. Rejtana 16C, room 26, 9.00-14.00) together with:
    • Transcript of Records (which you will receive from Departmental Coordinator)
    • Karta obiegowa duly signed and stamped
    • Legitymacja (student’s card)
    • In International Relations Office you will receive certificate of your stay. Certificate of your stay will contain real dates of your first and last visit at the University of Rzeszów.


  • If you came only for winter semester and you would like to stay at the University of Rzeszów also for summer semester you should
    • ask your home university for sending acceptance letter for extension of your period of study at the University of Rzeszów via e-mail (dzwz@ur.edu.pl)
    • ask the head of your student hostel if there will be a place for you also for second semester
    • prepare Learning Agreement for second semester, which should be signed by Departmental Coordinator.


For all academic matter like subjects, ECTS you should ask your Departmental Coordinator


Anna Zając – Responsible for  Incoming Students - International Relations Office - Rejtana 16 C, room 26 (9.00-14.00) - dzwz@ur.edu.pl.

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