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Practical Foreign Languages Teaching College

ul. Dekerta 2
35-030 Rzeszów
tel/fex.: +48 17 850 02 09
mail: spnjo@ur.edu.pl

     The College was established in 1965 when WSP (Pedagogical University) was founded. Initially, it was staffed by five language lecturers in English, French, German, Russian and Latin.

     From 1990 to 1992, the lecturers of the Practical Foreign Languages Teaching College ran an Optional College of English and German, which was designed for students who were interested in a given language. The experience was later used by the Institute of Russian Philology to draw up a programme of teaching students in two specialisations within Russian Philology.

     The 1990s were the years of growing interest in the English language. In connection with it, more groups were formed and more lecturers employed, and co-operation with the University of Wales, Bangor (Great Britain) originated. The first native speakers who arrived from the University of Wales were followed by others from academic centres in Great Britain and the USA. The Polish lecturers and teachers of the German language regularly attend seminars organised together with their colleagues from Bielefeld (Germany), and since 1994 they have taught Polish courses there. Every year the lecturers in French take part in language and culture courses which are organised in France.

     For some years now, students at the Pedagogical University have had the possibility of learning Russian from the beginner's level. This service is directed towards students who did not learn Russian in primary or secondary schools.

     The staff of the Practical Foreign Languages Teaching College assist the University and the city during numerous visits of delegations from abroad.

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