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"POLONUS" Centre of Polish Culture and Language for Poles from Abroad and Foreigners

ul. Rejtana 16 C
35-959 Rzeszów
tel. 872 12 77

     In 1990, WSP (Pedagogical University) introduced a new form of education - a preparatory course for youths, particularly from Eastern Europe, who want to study in Poland. The curriculum is adjusted to the further programme of studies, for instance in humanities, pedagogical, and economic studies. After one year in Rzeszów, the graduates of the Polish Language College for Foreigners head for various cities in Poland where they begin proper studies. So far, five hundred and thirty students have graduated from courses in the Polish language and culture for foreigners in Rzeszów.
     The College offers full-time courses. All students learn the following subjects: the history of Polish literature, Polish contemporary literature, a comprehensive knowledge of the Polish language, an outline of the classical culture and literature, the history and geography of Poland. Depending on the needs, there are also classes in mathematics, chemistry, biology and arts. They are adjusted to a further profile of studies in Poland. So far, apart from Poles from Eastern Europe, there have been foreign students from France, Cuba, Nigeria and the USA.
     In the Centre's structure, there is also the Summer School of Polish Culture and Language, in which one-month courses are held during summer holidays. So far, four hundred and fifty students have taken advantage of this form of education.
     The "POLONUS" Centre is planning to enhance its services in the near future by providing language and methodological courses for teachers, post-graduate programmes for Polish Philology graduates, language practice for Polish Philology students, intensive courses in Polish for foreigners starting their work in Poland, and seminars on Polish culture. An increase in interest in Poland, both in the East and West, requires the application of new forms of promotion of our language and country.

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