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The Culture and Education Studies

ul. Kasprowicza 1
35-959 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 872 18 76

The Resovia Saltans "Culture and Education Studies" employ 4 full time didactic workers (2 senior lecturers and 2 lecturers), 1 administration worker (clerk) and 3 part-time didactic workers. The above mentioned workers perform certain functions in the Folk Group of Song and Dance "Resovia Saltans", which operates within the frames of the Culture and Education Studies (senior lecturer - artistic director and choreographer, senior lecturer - choreographer, lecturer - choreographer, lecturer - choir master, professor of the University of Rzeszów - musical director and accompanist, 2 accompanists, running the dressing room).

The "Resovia Saltans" Culture and Education Studies were appointed by the Senate of the former Pedagogical University of Rzeszów in 1984. The task of the unit was to formulate teaching programmes for future instructors and dance teachers and to include in its structure the Students' Folk Group of Song and Dance "Resovia Saltans", founded in 1975.

The training process takes place in ballet, vocal and music groups. Students of all years and specialisations have the chance to develop their artistic interests in these groups. Apart from the practical knowledge of music, dance and folk culture, students' activity in the Group gives them the opportunity to improve their posture, stamina and physical fitness. Students also get the chance to visit interesting places in Poland and abroad.

The artistic programme of the Group consists of compositions of Polish national dances and artistically arranged dances and folk songs from the regions of south east Poland. For 30 years "Resovia Saltans" has been representing the University, appearing on the stage in various places in Poland and abroad. It has been honoured and awarded many a time at Polish and international folk festivals, e.g. in Turkey, former USSR, Canada, England, Ireland, Greece, Brazil or Mexico.

Since the beginning the didactic activity of the Culture and Education Studies has been realised through qualification courses for dance instructors, and since 2002 through 4-semester postgraduate studies titled: instructor of dance groups, specialisation - Polish dances, 4-semester postgraduate studies titled: instructor of dance groups, specialisation - contemporary dance.

The lecturers are specialists in particular spheres of Polish and contemporary dances, these are instructors-choreographers of high-ranking dance groups and didactic and scientific workers of the University of Rzeszów.

After fulfilling the course requirements, passing the final exam and defending their diploma thesis, the graduates receive the postgraduate studies certificate and a certificate which entitles them to be dance instructors.

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