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Academic Sports Association AZS University Club

Ul. Kasprowicza 1
35-959 Rzeszów
Tel./fax: +48 17 862 83 22
e-mail: azsur@interia.pl

University Club AZS of University of Rzeszów is an heir of the AZS traditions in Rzeszów Pedagogical College. It was established in 2001, just like University of Rzeszów. It is the biggest student organization of the university. Registered at number one in the university register of student organizations it nowadays consists of 1100 members. The activities are organized in 28 sports mass and professional sections, e.g. football, basketball, volleyball, hand ball, swimming, athletics, sailing, aerobics, windsurfing, cycling, triathlon, body building, martial arts, climbing, snowboard, tennis, table tennis, shooting. After completing their studies a lot of Club members continue sports career in their home towns. Some of the members are Poland, Europe and World Championships medallists. Members of the club take part in The Academic Championships of Poland, The Academic Championships of The Podkarpacie Region. The competitors of professional sections take part in Junior Championships of Poland and Senior Championships of Poland and get top places.

Apart from sports achievements the Club is famous for organizational achievements, for which it was awarded a distinction by the Polish Corporation of Sports Managers in 1996. Very good cooperation of the club with the Faculty of Physical Education, Physical Education and Sport College and Students' Self-Government of the university creates many opportunities for students interested in sport. The Club organizes over fifty academic, regional and all-Poland sports events yearly, such as The University Championships, rallies, The Podkarpacie Championships, The Championships of Poland.

During holidays water sports camps, courses and workshops are held in a well-equipped base by Solina Lake, which is the property of the Club. Students may obtain sailing certificates and licences of an academic sports organizer. They may also take part in sailing and windsurfing regattas. The Edward Sądecki Memorial Tournament in windsurfing, which is the most significant one, takes place once a year. Throughout the year the Club offers two body building gyms and a climbing wall in Rzeszów.

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