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Faculty of Physical Education

dr hab. prof. UR Wojciech CZARNY


The Dean's Office:


35-959 RZESZOW

TEL/FAX +48 17 8721861


     In September 1988, a branch of WSP (Pedagogical University) was opened in Krosno, of which the Independent Unit of Physical Education formed a part. In this way a new programme started - Physical Education. In 1991 the Institute of Physical and Health Education in Rzeszów was established. Currently, there are eleven units in the faculty..

     The main areas of research: the physical education of university students, its condition and perspectives of their physical development; the physical development of children and youths; the activities of the "Sokół" Gymnastic Society; tourism and related issues of environmental protection; the diagnosis of birthmarks and risk of skin cancer; the influence of intensive training on the hormonal system; the physical rehabilitation of children with damaged central nervous systems; health education and promotion of health; research on testosterone as a stimulant; research on changes in the ilium joint; patho-morphological changes in the ilium joint as a result of a malfunctioning blood system, and studies of general stamina efficiency in selected diseases, theory and practice of martial arts. .

Full-time - an MA degree course (specialisation: physical rehabilitation; corrective and compensatory exercises; organisation and management of tourism),
Part-time - an MA degree course; a complementary MA degree course, and a BA degree course,
Post-graduate - defensive education and sporting musketry, physical education and corrective and compensative gimnastics.


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