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6-year MD program in English


The English Division of Medicine at The University of Rzeszów is now offering a 6 year program leading

to the degree of Medical Doctor (M.D.). The English Division of Medicine follows in the tradition of our established Medical School for Polish students being taught in modern classrooms and laboratories by experienced medical faculty. This program is being offered to qualified international high school graduates who have demonstrated excellence in the biological and physical sciences and are capable of undergoing preclinical and clinical medical training in spoken and written English. Candidates will be evaluated for admission based on their academic history and an interview that will assess knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, and English language.


Faculty of Medicine  (6 years,12 semesters MD program in English)


1. Admission to studies may be offered to candidates who obtained a secondary school-leaving certificate / diploma entitling them to take up higher education.

2. Subjects obtained on the secondary school certificate / diploma taken into account in the recruitment process:

  • Mandatory subjects: biology and one of the subjects indicated by the candidate, i.e. chemistry or physics,
  • in the case when the number of candidates with the same number of points exceeds the limit of vacancies, mathematics will be taken into account.


3. Candidates who do not have an assessment of the mandatory subjects or additional subjects considered in the recruitment procedure on the secondary school certificate / diploma are required to take the entrance examination / interview in English in the field of biology, chemistry or physics respectively. The exam is conducted at the headquarters of the Faculty Recruitment Commission. In the case of foreigners it is possible to conduct an entrance examination / interview with the use of instant messengers.


4. Candidates (including Polish citizens) who have a matriculation / maturity certificate obtained in Poland or having an IB or EB certificate are also eligible for admission to the studies, provided they meet all the criteria for admission to the medical school in Polish.


5. Candidates are admitted on the basis of ranking lists created on the basis of the results obtained during the recruitment process from the highest number of points until the limit of places is exhausted. If the additional criterion does not resolve the acceptance of the number of candidates specified in the limit, the University of Rzeszów reserves the right to accept a lower number of candidates than the limit.


6. Candidates are required to submit a certified document ** certifying knowledge of English at a minimum level of B2 or the result of a written matriculation examination in English at an advanced level (at least 80%) or in the case of candidates with an "old matura", min. A good grade from the secondary school-leaving examination or a document confirming the completion of a post-primary school or a study abroad or in Poland, where the language of instruction was English.


** Annex No. 2 to the Ordinance of the Prime Minister of 16 December 2009 on the manner of conducting recruitment proceedings in the civil service (Dz.U.2009 nr 218, item 1695).

Detailed conditions for admission to the medical faculty conducted in English (6-year program) defined in this resolution apply to foreigners regardless of the rules on which they undertake studies.



Application form for the 6 year MD program in English


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